Light know foreign valve is good, can in the end where is it?

Updated: 2017-06-23
What are the advantages of foreign valves?    1 different process    To a certain extent, said: foreign valve products than the domestic slightly better.    Foreign valve industry management philosophy is also very different from our pursuit of quality rather than the number of some of our industry leaders and experts to foreign study found that: foreign valve product quality and management is really impeccable, their processing equipment Is first class, the level of research and development is first class, good materials and good equipment to create the product is certainly first class. Which created a foreign valve products of good quality.    It is understood that foreign valves are excellent, mainly because of their processing technology and we are different, thus forming their own products of good quality. In order to meet the nuclear-grade valve sealing material anti-radiation requirements, in the welding process, the German company KSB has been widely used special solder powder for cobalt-free welding, the method is to sintering powder, post-weld heat treatment. Valve products designed according to the use of working conditions, high temperature and high pressure gate valve to use parallel double gate structure.   Case Analysis    France Weilan valve company will preheat welding, automatic welding, welding treatment in the same equipment or the same processing line to complete, regardless of welding before welding, welding, the temperature can be automatically controlled to ensure the quality of welding, Simplify the welding process, improve the welding efficiency, especially for relatively complex weld (such as linear and curved connection to achieve automatic welding), to achieve automatic welding.    2 control means complete    It is understood that the quality of foreign valve products can meet the requirements of API, JIS, BS and so on, and the intrinsic quality of the casting blank is high and the precision is also high. The quality of the valve is also excellent in the quality of the valve. High, their rough without plastic surgery can be on the plane processing, beautiful appearance, the cast trademark clear, good sealing performance, packing and gasket varieties and specifications, to meet the requirements of different conditions.    Automatic control valve performance parameters are stable, fully guaranteed in the use of non-leakage, accurate adjustment accuracy. General valve life can reach 1 to 2 overhaul period, or even longer.    As a result of foreign valve company quality control means complete, advanced, hot, cold test equipment, and the use of advanced coordinate measuring instrument, a variety of testing equipment rigorous inspection to ensure that the quality of each link in place, each part in any process At the glance, the record is very detailed, the responsibility is clear, the surface quality Ye Hao, including forging quality, surface grinding, weld quality, almost put an end to the knock scratches, thus ensuring the excellent performance of foreign valve products.   Examples of interpretation    Such as France Bernard Electric Motor Company in 2005 sales of 300 million yuan, exports accounted for 70% of sales, the establishment of a global sales network, China's metallurgical and oil and gas pipeline a large number of the company's Denso products. In the field of nuclear power, their supply in the world ranked second.    It is said that China's Qinshan II, Daya Bay, Tianwan Nuclear Power Station, 80% of the nuclear equipment is also supplied by them, their management is in place, the company's parts processing records with the parts with the flow, the production site neat, clean, two assembly The pipeline works in an orderly manner. Their screw processing using rolling method, high efficiency, high surface finish parts, processed parts of the cleaning process in a timely manner, proper application of station equipment, such as a plastic sleeve on each axis, very simple, but very practical, To avoid the collision between the parts scratch. Parts of the coating with the domestic almost, but because the blank itself is smooth and the quality of paint excellent, after painting the product, the appearance of the effect and quality is quite good.    3 advanced process    Almost all parts of the product are completed in the CNC equipment, processing accuracy, processing efficiency is also very high. Employees in the CNC processing equipment on the console can be accessed parts processing and parts processing procedures, simply according to the processing requirements of the workpiece will be clamped to the CNC equipment, start the processing program, you can automatically complete the car, drilling, milling, boring And other processing processes. When the processing of a device after the start of the program, and then to another folder, while the device operation screen can monitor the processing of other equipment until the entire parts of the processing is completed, after passing inspection assembly shop.  And the staff in each part of the processing is completed, the parts tracking card in their own near the card reader brush once, the parts of the state, processing information feedback to the relevant departments, so that the relevant departments to grasp the progress of processing, statistics workers workload and quality track. And a very advanced and perfect testing equipment, can carry out high-precision three-dimensional size detection, as well as dynamic balance test, high and low temperature test. Their warehouse management is very advanced, the implementation of three-dimensional computer management, warehouse management staff only need to import instructions, the number of input to the computer, the system will automatically remove the required parts from the shelves, and then classified packaging, sent to the assembly workshop. This process carefully after the process of processing the product, the quality must be standard.    Foreign valve products cleanliness, handling Ye Hao, each process are strictly enforce the standards, including the workshop of civilized production and environmental health. Dust, rust, all parts of the product burrs, flash cleaning cleaning, cleaning, and to the assembly before cleaning, drying all links are done in place, leaving no trace. Employees are also dedicated to serious, meticulous.    Case Analysis    It is understood that the new production company in Singapore is characterized by: after the order received by the design and development center transformation, to provide product design drawings, outsourcing outsourcing details, mechanical processing procedures and other technical documents, through the internal network transmission to the relevant departments , The production department according to technical requirements and sales orders to organize production.    After the rough parts into the factory, the warehouse management staff will be based on the production plan will be part of the blank and other parts of the processing, assembly sites, they are not all their own production, many are procurement.