The mobile Internet adds momentum to the sustainable development of brand valves

Updated: 2017-06-23
The new Internet era is to subvert the traditional mode of thinking of all walks of life, the valve as a traditional industry in marketing is also facing a huge challenge, the mobile Internet is not a tool, has risen to a mode of thinking, and this mode of thinking is Subversion of traditional cognition. Faced with a new era of 5G, mobile Internet marketing model with each passing day, in the current market conditions, how can we grasp this marketing for their own business for better marketing?Mobile Internet era marketing must be brand-centric, allowing users to participate in the value of innovation and dissemination of all aspects of the brand in the interaction, experience and sharing automatically formed. As a business, should focus on the product from the product to the user, the user as the center of the product to the extreme, which is the era of mobile Internet brand valve construction of the important magic weapon.A brand of the valve business if the product, experience, service do not even put ads, users will take the initiative to promote, recommend products, the formation of word of mouth natural promotion. So well-known Shanghai valve business Ming Bao valve that the era of mobile Internet construction brand, must pay attention to "users, products, experience, word of mouth", perhaps many people think that the eight words no wonder, and even feel tired of the tired. But really think about the real business according to the eight words to do the number of enterprises really have how much. The key is that these eight words have a strict logic order and spiral rise of the closed-loop effect, only the user to participate in the lead in order to make users satisfied with the value of the product, valuable to have a good experience, a good experience have a good reputation Word of mouth will naturally be able to form a brand, with the brand will certainly be able to attract more users.Speaking of enterprises in the process of building the brand is actually the process of operating the user, in the mobile Internet era, building brands and business users have been integrated. How does a business build a brand by operating a user?The first need to establish a connection between the enterprise and the user, the user and the user to establish a connection relationship, the development of mobile Internet technology allows "people, people and things, people and information" communication and communication become more convenient and convenient, so that enterprises and users A closer relationship between building and becoming a reality. Mobile Internet era, like-minded people are more likely to gather together to form a community. Now the WeChat, microblogging as the representative of the social network is very important to the formation of the brand, the process of connecting is similar to the process of absorption, is the same values, interest to form the brand community.Mobile Internet era itself is a creation, attracting, training, business community era, the valve business must have a strong convergence, to a large number of users into the community, lay the foundation for the construction of the brand. Enterprises need to rely on the community to continue to operate users, allowing users to actively participate in, mutual influence, build value, so that users become loyal users, and ultimately become fans of the brand's permanent supporters for the sustainable development of the brand to add momentum.